Bread Pudding

 The Backstory: My neighbor Martha B. let me borrow her stash of recipes, some of which were given to her by a dear friend before he died. Oh, how I wish we knew how he came to possess them or the stories behind them. The first one ...

Strawberry Bread

The Backstory: Strawberry Bread is a nice change of pace from the famous banana bread that is more common. Oh, I am not saying there is anything ...

Mah Jongg Cheese & Dip Spreaders

These fun cheese and dip spreaders are the perfect little something for the Maj Jongg lover in your life! Bring them as a hostess gift, give them as a special thank you, or use them when the girls are over for (yet another) Mah Jongg ...

Kosher Vegetable Cutlets

These kosher vegetable cutlets are savory, crisp, and perfect for lunch, dinner, or layering in a pita.

The Backstory: I hardly remember having this as a youngster. Yet as an adult I vividly remember having this at a famous restaurant ...

Tangy Chicken with Salad Dressing and Onion Soup

Tangy chicken with salad dressing and onion soup is the perfect weeknight dinner!

The Backstory:  Every time I speak with someone and I tell them that I am gathering recipes, before I even ask them if they want to share with me, ...

Easy Classic Hummus

Once you make this easy classic hummus from scratch, you'll think twice before buying store-bought hummus again--it's that delicious.

The Backstory: Easy classic hummus is surprisingly simple to make and there are very few ingredients ...

Old Fashioned Hearty Borscht

The Backstory: When I think of borscht, I immediately picture my grandfather slurping up spoonfuls of this deep magenta soup, oblivious to the sounds of his own enjoyment, and smacking his lips with a satisfied "aahh" every few spoonfuls. ...

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