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Kosher Whoopie Pies

Kosher Whoopie Pies are a cross between a cookie and a cake with soft outer pillows of goodness that sandwich mounds of marshmallowy-light frosting. They're a New England staple with origins in the Amish country. Once you try them, ...

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Shabbat Menu (Chicken)

When I think of what to serve for Shabbat my mind immediately goes to roast chicken. How could it not? I think of my Bubbie and her massive pots of soup, and I think about, well...I think about Ina Garten cooking her weekly Friday ...

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Charlotte’s Lemon Squares

This is the ultimate lemon squares recipe! They are creamy, tart, sweet, and just the most perfect balance of flavors.

The Backstory: Lemon squares are by far, one of my top ten favorite desserts. As I've waxed poetic before, I'm ...

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Honey Mustard Glazed Fish – Healthy Option

Honey mustard glazed fish is flavorful and healthy dish that's quick and easy to prepare during the week but impressive enough for company.
The Backstory: This tangy and delicious honey mustard glazed fish is fabulous preparation ...

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Cabbage Soup with Flanken

Our cabbage soup with flanken recipe turns out a classic, slow-simmering soup with tender beef that simply shreds in the tangy broth.

The Backstory: I well remember my mother making cabbage soup with flanken.  Usually she used this ...

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Classic Kasha Varnishkes

Step back in time with our classic kasha varnishkes, just like Bubbie used to make. This comforting dish is truly a taste of yesteryear.

The Backstory: Kasha is a grain also known as buckwheat or groats.  This grain was popular ...

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