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Kosher Chicken Piccata

Our fork-tender, Kosher Chicken Piccata is both citrusy and creamy at the same time. This delicious Italian favorite gets a Kosher makeover with a few easy swap outs and the dish retains all the flavor it's famous for.

The Backstory: Kosher ...

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Kosher Salmon Dip

Kosher salmon dip uses canned salmon (a fab shortcut) for an easy, make-ahead appetizer your guests will love.

The Backstory: My grandmother always had canned salmon in her pantry and I always wondered what she did with it. I never ...

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Shirlee’s French Bread Pudding

Rich, decadent, and a totally indulgent dessert when you really want to go all out.

The Backstory: Bread pudding is a rich, hearty, decadent dessert that is thought to be borne out of the age old question of what to do with leftovers--in ...

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Spiced Pumpkin Bread

Our spiced pumpkin bread is a dense, moist loaf that's loaded with warm fall flavors. Perfect as a snack with coffee or tea or tucked in a lunch bag.

The Backstory: As you probably know by now, I have a love for all baked goods ...

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Old Fashioned Hearty Borscht

The Backstory: When I think of borscht, I immediately picture my grandfather slurping up spoonfuls of this deep magenta soup, oblivious to the sounds of his own enjoyment, and smacking his lips with a satisfied "aahh" every few spoonfuls. ...

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Mom’s Baked Blintzes

Mom's baked blintzes taste almost like cheesecake--they're that decadent and delicious! Frozen cheese blintzes are baked in a creamy custard (you and make these ahead!) for the perfect dairy meal, breakfast or brunch.

The Backstory: There ...

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