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Dear Fellow Jewish Foodie,

Thank you for submitting your favorite Jewish recipes to The Jewish Kitchen and sharing your love of food, family, and cooking with our audience. Like you, we know that when you bring the gift of food to the table, you bring so much more than a meal–you bring a piece of yourself and your family history with you.

Please enter your recipe details below and click the Submit Recipe button at the very bottom. Please include a photo if you can. We will contact you once we review your recipe to let you know if we will be publishing it on The Jewish Kitchen.

Note: Please note if the recipe is your original recipe or if it was given to you by a friend or family member with their consent, or it it was adapted from someone else’s creation, by using the Recipe Summary field in the form below. It is perfectly fine to credit someone else for inspiring you (as in “this recipe comes from my Aunt Lena”), and we want to give credit where credit is due.

Please do not submit recipes from magazines, books, or other publications unless you have written consent to do so as we will not knowingly republish work that belongs to other writers, chefs, authors, or creators. Thank you!

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Jodi Luber
Founder & Editor-in-Chief


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