A Little Pesach Nachas

So it goes like this: when you have three kids under the age of 11, on any given weekend morning (when you pray the little darlings would sleep in for a change), it’s pretty much a guarantee to wake up to house full of chaos, cereal bowls in the living room, blankets askew in front of the TV (covered in half the cereal that was intended for said bowls) and at least one or two major catastrophes before 9 a.m. And that’s on a good day.

Thus it came as a whopping surprise on Passover morning when I awoke to the sound of silence. I ran through my checklist of possible scenarios:

  1. The kids had all been kidnapped. Possible, but not likely as an any smart burlgar would have returned them before getting out the front door as they’re demanding and obnoxious before breakfast.
  2. They had slept at their other parents’ homes the night before. We are a blended family, but as it was Passover, I knew they were all home with my husband and I, so that bet was off.

My curiosity got the better of me and so I quickly did a sweep of their rooms. Nothing in the first two, and then in the third room, my daughter Julia’s room, I stopped in my tracks. There I found all three kids sitting on Julia’s beds making Passover cards to bring to the Seder we’d be attending at their grandparents’ home that evening. Each of them had a card for a specific family member in their hand and was writing, coloring, or putting on stickers. I was so touched by this simple act, that for once (no comment), I was speechless.

Later that evening, during the Seder, the kids also recited a story that they wrote about Passover to the entire family. Everyone laughed and clapped and loved that they took the time to create the story and act it out. They handed out their homemade cards and got to see how their kind gestures touched everyone in the room. My husband and I were so proud of them and I realized just how much Jewish culture, values, and Hebrew school learning they were taking in, to have done these things on their own. It was really just one of those moments that make you proud as a parent to know that your child is soaking up their heritage, enjoying it, and sharing it with others.

These pictures may just look like little cards and drawings but to me, they represent so much more, and for this, I am so grateful.

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Jodi Luber

Jodi Luber

Here goes: Born in Brooklyn. Daughter of a bagel baker with a Henny Youngman soul and a mom who makes Joan Rivers seem tame. Late bloomer. Married the love of my life at 45 and love being a mom to our three kids. I'm a professor at Boston U. Happiest in the kitchen baking and remembering how my dad would melt from a single bite of my cheesecake.
Jodi Luber
Jodi Luber

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