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Bris or Boy Baby Shower Ideas

If you know it’s a boy, or he’s already here (Mazel Tov!).  And if you are planning to celebrate with a baby shower for your little boy or you are hosting a bris, here are some adorable ideas to make your event just a little sweeter (as if that were possible with such wonderful joy and happiness already).

A quick note: I know many women (and couples) do not know or want to know the sex of their baby before he or she is born, so in that case, this may not be the article for you. Also, some families do not believe in having showers and celebrating until after the baby is born. Fair enough. In that case, use these easy DIY ideas for your bris when you are ready to celebrate and let us celebrate your joy with you when the time is right.

Personalized cookies are a very popular baby and wedding shower favor these days and these cookies in soft shades of blue and white are absolutely perfect for either a bris or baby shower for that little boy who is on his way. Many companies offer pre-made baby-themed cookies but you can also make your own with this very simple sugar cookie recipe and decorate them with the simple royal icing recipe.

Bris or Boy Baby Shower Ideas as seen on The Jewish Kitchen website


The cookies are beautiful as favors for guests (just wrap each one is a long, clear bag which you can find at any craft store or Target and tie with a blue or white ribbon), but I think they are just gorgeous fanned out on a white plate and served on the table for guests to enjoy as dessert or a nosh during the party.

Mini cupcakes are also a popular trend and you can buy them at your local market or make simple vanilla cupcakes and buy small sugar cupcake toppers like candy rattles and booties (Amazon sells them as do craft stores like Michael’s) and they are just adorable.

Bris or Boy Baby Shower Ideas as seen on The Jewish Kitchen website


In the large main image at the top of this post, you can see that the table is draped in a simple blue-and-white gingham tablecloth (how cute is that?) and the rest of the table is decorated with blue blocks and white and blue candies. I love that the other decorations are baby toys–the blocks are wonderful gifts for the baby and can be gathered up and given to mom and dad at the end of the event.

Simple ideas like this make planning a baby shower or bris simple and fun…and best of all, all of the items can be used for baby later on. It just occurred to me that the tablecloth could even be a flat gingham sheet…maybe for a toddler or twin bed (to be used later on). Smart cookie (no pun intended), LOL.



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Bris or Boy Baby Shower Ideas as seen on The Jewish Kitchen website

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Bris or Boy Baby Shower Ideas as seen on The Jewish Kitchen website

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